Transform dark and dreary basements with clever use of colour

Most homeowners with a basement will know how difficult they are to decorate. More often than not they are dark spaces with little light and oddly shaped layouts. Fortunately, there are many ways to successfully decorate a basement and with the right use of colour, light and focus on detail it is possible to transform your space into a beautiful additional room.

If you follow the general rule that light colours are best for a basement you will not really go wrong. Bright fabrics, floors and furnishings all lift a dark room. If you do prefer stronger shades, it is possible to use darker colours in a basement as long as they are used in conjunction with a layered and effective lighting plan.

It is important to avoid the use of darker colours on the ceiling as they become visuallty heavy and cast a shadow over the entire space. Instead, consider using a lighter version of the colour you have on the walls or a complimentary off-white. This makes the ceiling appear higher than it is which is ideal for a basement, as you want to draw attention upwards and create as much height as possible.

When undertaking a demanding decorating task, there is no better way to ensure a flawless finish than to use a professional decorating company. We are a flexible team of painters and decorators in Darlington and we pride ourselves on offering a service that can suit every budget. We take every step to offer attractive quotes and we provide a first class standard of workmanship, handling all kinds of decorating tasks from wallpapering to painting to applying stains and other finishes. Decorating basements can be a challenge, but it’s one that we are well equipped to carry out.

We use high quality materials to achieve the finest possible results. With pre-coating agents, filling and levelling materials and the effective mixing and matching of colours our customers can be sure of fantastic results that exceed their expectations. With our expertise, you can transform your gloomy basement into a lighter, brighter, fresh and appealing space, ready to use in any way you choose.