You may need paint primer to get the job done

If you are currently looking for the best painters and decorators Darlington has, you should pay us a visit. We are able to introduce wallpaper, paint, and other finishes to a plethora of surfaces. In addition, we can mix and match textures and colours to create a stunning design. When the situation calls for it, we have no problem using pre-coating agents too.

Why use a primer?

Something that painters often use is a paint primer. This product can supply you with a stable exterior. As a result, any upcoming paint layers shall have no issue locking onto it. The primer also works by hiding surface stains.

The one thing that normally calls for the inclusion of the primer is the surface’s porosity. If your facet is too porous, too much of the paint is going draw into it. It is also possible for the opposite to be a concern.

The surface could be excessively glossy. When it is, colour coat adhesion becomes tricky. The reason why is that the paint is not able to lock onto anything.

As we mentioned earlier, the primer can hide surface stains, including lower ones. This allows the colour coat to fulfil its purpose of supplying attractive colours. It doesn’t have to worry about the stains.

Skim-coated drywall

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You might need the paint primer if you have drywall that is skim-coated as well. This coat is very thin and usually laid over bare drywall. People consider a skim coat a level five finish, the highest one possible. As such, it is not something you come across often. Like with drywall paper or bare wood however, it is extremely porous. This means it needs a primer.

At Davidsons Decorators, we always we make certain that we don’t cause any harm whilst painting. We will work with care, ensuring we don’t leave drips on the flooring or any other surface. Both domestic and commercial clients can take advantage of our services.

If you want to hire the best painters and decorators Darlington has, feel free to get in touch with us.