The importance of exterior painting

The exterior of your home is the only aspect of the property that many people will see and it plays a big part in how the premises will be perceived by visitors and neighbours. It can also have an impact on financial value when the time comes to sell. A new coat of paint is a simple addition but it really can work wonders, making the property look fresh, clean and well cared for so it stands out for all the right reasons.

Painting the exterior of your home gives you the chance to easily enhance and personalise its aesthetics. You’ll have the choice of countless different colour combinations so you can put your own mark on the property and ensure it reflects your style. When deciding on a colour, it is a good idea to choose samples and test them out. The colour on the swatch and paint tin will be a little different to the shade when you get it on your walls so testing is important. It is wise to do this on the side or rear of the property where the tested areas will be less visible.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, it is also important to keep the paintwork on the exterior of your property in good condition if you want to protect the building materials. The paint is the building’s first layer of defence and will offer protection against the weather, insects and other types of damage. Keep in mind it is more cost effective to repaint the property than replace materials that have been damaged.

A good paint job can protect a property for anywhere up to twenty years. The length of time it will last before you need to do another coat will depend on several factors including the type of product you have chosen, how well the surface was prepared, and how well the surfaces were maintained.

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