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Transform dark and dreary basements with clever use of colour

Most homeowners with a basement will know how difficult they are to decorate. More often than not they are dark spaces with little light and oddly shaped layouts. Fortunately, there are many ways to successfully decorate a basement and with the right use of colour, light and focus on detail it is possible to transform your space into a beautiful additional room. Continue reading “Transform dark and dreary basements with clever use of colour” »

The importance of exterior painting

The exterior of your home is the only aspect of the property that many people will see and it plays a big part in how the premises will be perceived by visitors and neighbours. It can also have an impact on financial value when the time comes to sell. A new coat of paint is a simple addition but it really can work wonders, making the property look fresh, clean and well cared for so it stands out for all the right reasons. Continue reading “The importance of exterior painting” »