Painters and Decorators Richmond

Painters and Decorators Richmond

At Davidsons Decorators we have over thirty years of experience and strive to offer the highest standard of service to clients throughout our entire region. We have a fantastic range of skills and can cater for all kinds of requests, including decorating both the interior and exterior of properties. We work in the residential and commercial sectors and always deliver the same high standards on every single project, no matter how simple or complex.

Our team of experienced painters and decorators can handle every aspect of the service, from preparing surfaces to painting and hanging wallpaper. We also have plenty of experience with wood finishing so we can take care of those important timber features for you. You can expect a completely professional job from us every time, and we will always take great care to protect your possessions and leave the space as clean as we found it.

One challenging part of decorating is that it can be difficult to get an idea of the condition of the walls, particularly if there is wallpaper hanging. When we remove paper, we can refurbish the wall’s surface to make sure it is flat and smooth, ready to be redecorated. We can also do this if painted walls have been damaged. A beautifully prepared surface is important in producing a great finish and we always strive to provide just that.

We can use several techniques to remove old paint from walls rather than simply putting a new coat over the top of it. The reason we do this is because it can be more difficult to get full, even coverage when you paint over an existing colour. Old paint can also affect the final shade of the new paint. We are experienced at using steam cleaning, scraping, sanding, hydro- and sandblasting to remove coatings and ensure a completely flawless finish.

One area where we excel is helping clients to choose the right paint for their walls. Our experience means we can advise you about shades and how they can change when you get the paint on the walls. We can even mix paints together affectively if customers want a unique colour.

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of skills as well as the high quality of our workmanship. Property owners who need help from painters and decorators in Richmond or any of the surrounding areas can rely on us to do a beautiful job whatever the scale of their project.